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Explore Your Options

This college fair will allow students and families to:

  • Uncover new college options through a robust search tool
  • Experience virtual campus tours
  • Watch videos and download materials that will be helpful in the decision process
  • Gather admissions, scholarship, financial aid and transfer information

No matter where you are in the college search process, you can learn more about your options here!

Participating HBCUs

Prepare before the fair to make your participation more rewarding.  Consider your academic, social and financial needs, as well as your career goals and use following resources. 

  1. Do you want to attend a large school or a small one, an urban (city), suburban, or rural school?
  2. How far away from home do you want to go?
  3. Have you taken the SAT or ACT and do you know your test scores and grade point average?
  4. Do you want to participate in athletics? If so, does the school offer your sport?
  5. Do you want to participate in other extracurricular activities?
  6. Do you have any special needs, such as tutoring, note takers, interpreters, signers, assisted-hearing devices, etc.?
  7. How much can you afford to pay in tuition, fees, and other expenses?
  1. What are your academic majors?
  2. Can you waive my application fee or give me instant admissions?
  3. What scholarships are available?
  4. What is an average financial aid package at your school?
  5. What academic support services do you offer such as free tutoring?
  6. What student activities (sports, clubs, band, organizations, radio/TV, newspaper, etc.) do you offer?
  7. How many students are currently enrolled? What is the demographic makeup? How many live on campus?
  8. Do you assign faculty advisors?
  9. How safe is your campus?
  10. What partnerships do you have with employers for student internships and job opportunities?
  11. How has the health crisis impacted classes, activities, dorms, etc.?

What to Expect...

Use HBCU SEARCH to find HBCU's by instant admissions, online fee waiver, etc.

Find which HBCU requires you to fill out an application before the fair

Instant Admissions

Get accepted on the spot!  Take a look at the schools that are offering this. 
 The following HBCUs require online applications to be completed ahead of the event with required documents, i.e. transcripts
Institution Name
Bennett College
Bowie State University
LeMoyne-Owen College
Savannah State University
Virginia State University

Instant Admissions

Get accepted on the spot! Most HBCUs are awarding instant admissions with required documents, i.e. transcripts
 The following HBCUs are NOT  offering instant admissions during the fair 
Institution Name
Florida Memorial University
N.C A&T State University
Spelman College
Stillman College
Texas Southern University

Only Conditional Acceptance

The following HBCUs will accept transcripts to determine if you can be awarded a conditional acceptance.

Institution Name
Bennett College
Fisk University
The University of the District of Columbia
Virginia State University
Wiley College

Application Fee Waivers

The following institutions have no application fees or will waive the application for attending the virtual fair.

Institution Name
Alabama A & M University
Alabama State University
Benedict College
Bennett College
Bethune-Cookman University
Claflin University
Delaware State University
Fayetteville State University
Fisk University
Florida Memorial University
Johnson C. Smith University
Langston University
LeMoyne-Owen College
Lincoln University of Pennsylvania
Livingstone College
Miles College
Norfolk State University
Paine College
Philander Smith College
Savannah State University
Stillman College
Texas Southern University
The University of the District of Columbia
Tougaloo College
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Virginia State University
Voorhees College
Wiley College

Overview of the virtual fair and video walkthrough

Booth Layout

Visit booths of the colleges and universities to understand more about them. Click on the following buttons in their booths:

  • GROUP VIDEO CHAT - See the representatives and engage with them or play videos that highlight the HBCU
  • PRESENTATIONS  - See additional recorded videos about the HBCU
  • MEET LATER - Schedule later time to speak with the admissions representative.
  • APPLY NOW - Go to the HBCUs online application to apply for admissions.
  • CONTACT US - link to HBCU websites

Use other features to download documents (Learn more), and find important information (Quick Links), watch videos, take campus tours, hear professors,